Zimeo is a dynamic network of media professionals and associations as well as media development specialists. The network is tailored to cater to the pertinent needs of members with the aim of building a vibrant, responsible and professional media on the continent.


This unique membership club brings together individuals and organizations that strive for excellence in the media through technology adaptation, ethical leadership and a heightened sense of the media’s role in development in the new, vibrant and promising Africa.


  • Journalists

Journalists working in Africa can join the network in their professional capacity. Zimeo is looking for journalists committed to balanced, accurate, impartial, and responsible reporting, that embraces a sense of humanity. Members must demonstrate integrity in their work, be active in journalism associations and networks, and embrace the use of technology and social media in the practice of journalism. Journalists seeking to join the network must be working towards becoming an authority in their preferred field of reporting.

  • Senior Editors and Editors

Membership is open to individuals working as editors in newsrooms across the continent. In the spirit of promoting excellence in media. Zimeo welcomes editors who are innovative in implementing the editorial policies and guidelines of their news organizations to be part of the network. A Zimeo editor actively promotes and defends the rights of journalists, is active in editors’ professional associations, and is conscious of the important role of the media in society.

  • Media Owners and Managers

This category of membership is open to media owners and managers who encourage media excellence by rewarding good journalism through various incentives. Members must show commitment to editorial independence and the welfare of journalists, by providing the necessary resources needed for journalists to work effectively. Zimeo members in this category have a willingness to invest in the safety and protection of journalists as well as training and capacity building initiatives for staff.

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  • Media Associations

Membership is open to media associations working in Africa that possess well defined governance structures which allow for regular member interactions. Zimeo caters to associations that promote professional values among its members and are driven by the need for excellence in the media. Associations must be actively engaged in efforts to build capacity within the media, and engage in efforts to secure the safety and protection of journalists.

  • Media Support Organizations

Membership is open to pan-African and international organizations that support media operations in Africa. Zimeo members in this category carry out relevant and sustainable interventions in the media. Such organizations must have a good scope of operations on the continent, offering reliable and predictable support to media organizations and/or journalists, and are committed to the promotion of excellence in media.

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