Zimeo awards application are now open
Call for Entries for the Third Edition
Nairobi, 30th August, 2017 – The African Media Initiative is pleased to invite entries to the Third Edition of the ZIMEO Excellence in Media Awards. The contest is open to professional journalists in Africa reporting or writing for print, radio, TV and digital platforms and will recognize journalism excellence in the following categories:

1. Urban journalism
This award will go to the journalist who demonstrates high quality urban media reporting and analysis. The judges will be looking for articles that provide ground-breaking ideas on pressing issues facing African cities
2. The Maritime economy
This award will go to the journalist whose articles have made a considerable contribution to raising public awareness of a maritime issue as a key driver of economic development.
3. Science and Technology This award will recognize journalists who best capture the impact of new technologies, the science behind them and efforts across the continent to harness them for positive change in Africa.
4. Agriculture and food security This award will go to a journalist who has consistently covered the agriculture sector and demonstrated an above-average understanding of the issues involved. The judges will be looking out for evidence of how well the articles interrogate the farmers’ plight, explain policy frameworks and government support, and the extent to which all that affects productivity, value addition, and food security.
5. Peace and security This award will recognize the journalist who has made the most contribution to our understanding of the underlying causes of conflict, insecurity and political instability, and to a better appreciation of mechanisms, systems and policies that sustain peace and security.
6. Energy and infrastructure The award will recognize the journalist who has done the most to help society understand the politics and economics of energy and infrastructure as key drivers of a nation’s development.
7. Extractive industries If the wealth of the African sub-soil were transformed into riches for all who live above ground, the continent would be comparable to the biblical land of milk and honey. More often than not, natural resources have been the harbinger of political rivalry, war and destruction than the agency of construction, development and progress. This award will go to the journalist whose articles best advance society’s education and understanding of the governance of the extractive industry and the politics of natural resources management.
8. Media and digital journalism/data journalism award “Digital first” is the current mantra of many news operations, which suggests that print is taking a back seat. What strategies are editors applying to stay ahead of the game and who are the most innovative? How is this changing the ways news is covered and how are journalists adding value to that process? This award will recognize work that brings together data, visualization and story-telling to produce innovate journalism.
9. Conservation and Climate Change This award will recognize excellence in reporting that raises public awareness about the impact of climate change while at the same time enhancing society’s understanding of all round efforts for climate action in Africa.
10. Sustainable Development Goals reporting From Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals; this is the current mantra of development institutions. This award seeks to recognize and applaud reportage that has consistently, diligently and accurately focused its resources on the MDGs/SDGs narrative with the objective of directing society’s attention to the ultimate prize – a brighter future.
11. Animal resources and fisheries/biotechnology reporting This award will recognize the journalist who has produced agenda-shaping news and information on the application and regulation of modern biotechnology and research in this sector.
12. African Union Agenda 2063 This award will recognize the journalist who has made the most contribution to deepening citizens’ understanding of the role of the AU and, in particular, the strategies it is employing as a foundation for the improvement of the quality of life on the continent.

Interested journalists are encouraged to present either single stories/articles or thematic packages in the following languages, English, French, Portuguese, Arabic and Kiswahili. Our pan African panel of judges will be looking for entries which:

▪ Demonstrate a high quality of reporting/writing in terms of originality, depth, research rigour, research, investigative enterprise, innovativeness, clarity, proper sourcing, accuracy, exhaustive analysis of the context and background and an above average understanding of the subject matter.
▪ Are data-driven and use creative digital tools like mapping, crowdsourcing and visualization to help tell the story.
▪ Communicate the topic in a way that makes the story relevant and engaging to audiences and that contains evidence of its likely social impact or benefit to society.
▪ Provide, where possible, a pan-African perspective.
▪ Are multi-sourced.
▪ The deadline for submission of entries is September 22, 2017 and the winning entries will be awarded during a Media conference to be convened in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in November this year. All entries should be submitted to: zimeoawards@africanmediainitiative.org.


For any queries, please contact:
Justus Machio
Communications and Outreach Assistant
African Media Initiative

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