The challenge of media’s purpose


Roughly a year ago, the CEO of the African Media Initiative, Eric Chinje, wrote a series of reflections on the purpose of Media in Africa. The point that stood-out for me was his comment on the ultimate purpose of media in Africa. He stated that the ultimate purpose is “that of generating and moderating intelligent and meaningful conversations within . . . the African village!”

I strongly agree with him, and I believe that an addition to this ultimate purpose is the equally important role of historical contextualization and a systematic exploration of Afro-specific information dissemination pathways.

African media will be truly African once there is an acceptance and commitment by major African media organizations to the grand challenge of preserving and encouraging the maturity of the more than 2,000 languages spoken on the continent.

I am all too happy to help in this grand challenge of generating and moderating intelligent and meaning conversations with the correct historical contexts that ultimately aim to encourage the growth of active African languages. I believe epistemological knowledge of African media and structural content development are crucial.

How can I help?

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