roukaya-kasenally-picture-cropped-140-180-80-boundDr Roukaya Kasenally oversees the different programmes that AMI is involved in or planning to develop ranging from open governance, capacity and capability building for media professionals, to that of developing unique epistemological learnings on media in Africa. She has authored / co-authored a number of publications on media and politics namely ’Media and Democracy in An Age of Transition (2005), Political Parties in Mauritius (2006), Rights and Development in Mauritius – A Reader (2007) and ’Enhancing Democratic Systems: The Media in Mauritius’ (2011) among others. Her work has also appeared in the Journal of Democracy, Journal of Komunikasi, Journal of African Elections and the Compendium of Elections in Southern Africa. Roukaya Kasenally was educated in Mauritius and the United Kingdom and speaks fluent English, French and Mauritian Kreol. She holds a PhD from the University of Sheffield, UK.