Radio professionals head to Johannesburg for Africa Radio Days conference


The Wits Radio Academy’s annual radio conference has become the premier gathering of radio leaders on the continent. It’s where they grapple with issues facing the medium in a changing environment, get inspired by the best new ideas from here and abroad, and learn new skills.

This year, the conference will be held on 1-3 July 2015 at the Wits Club, Braamfontein, Johannesburg. Registration for the conference can be done on the conference website via this link.

The conference will bring together around 50 top international speakers, and 200 and upwards delegates from public, commercial and community radio; producers, managers, on-air talent, sales and marketing staff and anybody else interested in the medium. It’s the conference for everybody interested in radio and its future.

This year, the theme is Radio 2.0, concentrating on the new shapes and forms the medium will take. It will be the conference’s six edition, and has introduced a number of innovations:

  • The conference is being renamed Radio Days Africa to reflect a stronger focus on the whole continent;
  • A new stream of events focused particularly on sales and marketing issues;
  • Masterclasses where delegates can hone their skills, taught by top experts.

Conference Highlights Include:

  • International insights on making social media work for radio programmers
  • The challenge of needletime: the likely introduction of needletime charges will make it much more expensive to play music. Hear how key roleplayers are thinking about the issue.
  • Masterclass on how to build a successful radio advertising campaign.
  • The role of audio in building brands: US insights.
  • Enabling radio’s digital future. Now that TV’s digital migration is finally underway, what are government roleplayers doing to move radio into a digital future?
  • How to step into big shoes: exploring how prominent DJs and presenters handle the challenge of taking over a popular slot
  • Masterclasses on interviewing and music scheduling.
  • The podcasting revolution: this online audio form is taking the US and other countries by storm. We will explore the phenomenon and its potential in SA.
  • Year one of unradio: A year after Gareth Cliff started his new online venture, we ask him back to hear how things have gone.
  • The connected car: new cars will be Internet enabled. What does that mean for radio?

…imaging, radio in other countries, visual radio, community radio hubs and much more.