Highlight Projects


AMI has initiated  award projects to celebrate excellence in development reporting across the continent. The ZIMEO awards celebrate reporting excellence every year in areas such as agriculture, health, education, maritime economy, climate change, business, etc.

Training Projects

 AMI has trained more than 1,000 journalists to build their reporting capacities on sectors such as gender, agriculture, ICT, business, resilience, urbanization, energy, etc. These journalists are systematically grouped in specialized networks where they share their reports, challenges and opportunities.AMI does not stop here; it holds seminars all over the continent as it seeks to improve the media sector


Content Promotion

AMI explores possibilities of partnerships both on the continent and outside. This ensures that articles produced in our various specialized networks are shared among media houses on the continent and beyond. Some of the reports are going to be proposed to reputable international media. This ensures African-created content, makes it to their newsrooms and therefore challenges the imbalance in content flow between the West and Africa.


AMI also conducts research for its own projects and for third parties on various communication areas such as the media landscape in Africa. Media coverage of African Union activities, Africa-Europe migration, how Africa is reported by the international and local media, China’s forays into Africa, media funding, status of development reporting in Africa, governance, among others.

This research goes a long way in improving the services offered. It also helps us identify projects that need more focus. The media sector in Africa has improved and we will see to it that it keeps improving.