New AMLF schedule announced


Nairobi, September 2016 — This year the African Media Initiative is shifting gears and will not host its annual premier event, the African Media Leaders Forum. Instead, it is convening a conference in Nairobi of the continent’s topmost editorial decision-makers to explore what is commonly referred to as the Africa narrative. The AMLF will now be held next year in Abidjan, the capital of Cote d’Ivoire, according to AMI chief executive officer Eric Chinje.

“We’ve had very successful Forums with the level of participation growing exponentially from a mere 50 media leaders in Dakar, Senegal, in 2008, to more than 600 at last November’s event in Johannesburg, South Africa,” says Chinje. “However, to enhance our interaction and enrich our conversations on critical media issues, we’ve revised our calendar and will now be alternating the AMLF with a pan-African conference focusing on a particular theme addressing a media industry concern.”

That strategy takes shape this year with the planned November 10-11 Reporting Africa Conference whose discussions will be informed by the findings of a research AMI has been carrying out on how the media covers Africa.

Says Chinje: “Each pan-African conference will be preceded by a similar research into a theme identified my media leaders and whose findings will then inform our discussions.”

Participants at the November conference will be drawn from each of Africa’s 54 countries.