Meredith Beal is a media master – an award-winning broadcaster, award-winning webmaster, technology guru, digital evangelist and journalist with broad experience in multiple facets of the media. He has been a reporter for media giants like the Los Angeles Times, editor, radio station owner, electronic engineer, producer, recording engineer and record company executive among other roles.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded a program to strengthen management skills of African media owners and selected Meredith to manage the continent-wide initiative as a Knight International Fellow embedded with the African Media Initiative – the continent’s largest umbrella organization of media owners. From that base, he organized international mentors for newspapers across Africa, mentored CEOs of a number of TV and radio stations, digital news outlets and media entrepreneurs, promoted technological adaptation and developed management structures leveraging new media convergence. He also is a former RIAS Berlin Fellow and a National Association of Broadcasters (USA) Fellow. ICFJ Profile

He conducted regional workshops around Africa on media finance for CFOs; consulted government ministries on legislative frameworks for spectrum management and creative economy policy; facilitated the world’s first open data forum; brought experts from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission and National Aeronautics & Space Administration to share their expertise in Africa and wrote a pamphlet on digital TV migration.

He’s organized global videoconferences linking engineers across Africa with global experts and moderated panels on media and technology at major conferences and forums across the continent. He also has been a keynote speaker at numerous ICT summits, the Zanzibar International Film Festival, Broadcast, Film & Music Africa and a number of other conferences on innovation and technology.

In 2006 he was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Texas Association of Broadcasters (TAB) to represent the interests of small market radio broadcasters. TAB is the largest state broadcasting association in the United States. In 2007 the TAB named him Texas Broadcaster of the Year.

Before entering the broadcast arena, he was Dell Computer Corportion’s first Global Webmaster, responsible for managing a global architecture and webmasters in more than 20 countries. He received Dell’s Intranet Award for Excellence and his team was known for pioneering in personalization and self-service web applications. While at Dell, he purchased radio stations KTXJ-FM and KCOX in Jasper, TX; KCLW in Hamilton, TX and KOKE in Austin, TX.

Before Dell, Beal was Director of Marketing for Motown Records. His experiences in the broadcasting and music industries, technology, journalism and open data, make him an excellent resource for learning about how to take advantage of the new digital landscape.