AMI’s knowledge work uplifts the continent’s media through ethics and leadership, research and content development.
AMI supports a growing cadre of African media leaders committed to high standards of corporate governance and social responsibility. In this work, AMI aims to expand a discussion that has often focused narrowly on journalism ethics, codes of conduct and hostile relationships with governments, to one that looks at a comprehensive and relevant owner and operator set of standards. AMI focuses on establishing high standards within the journalistic profession, ensuring that they are seen as integral to the bottom line and to successful implementation of declarations such as the table mountain declaration
AMI is dedicated to the improvement of the quality of content, particularly as it relates to content about Africa’s development. Spearheading AMI’s efforts in this area is an initiative called The African Story Challenge (TASC), a $1 Million dollar programme of reporting grants to encourage creative, multi-media storytelling that aims to improve the health and prosperity of Africans.