Unravelling the blue economy


Port Sudan, October 2016 – Stakeholders in the African maritime industry are coming together for five days in November to explore port strategies for harnessing the African blue economy and investment opportunities.

The organizers of the November 27-December 1 Ports Management Association of Eastern and Southern Africa conference, to be held at Port Sudan in Sudan, are promoting it as a landmark maritime event in the region. It follows a similar one held last year in Nairobi, Kenya.

For a brief moment during the technical discussions, delegates will focus on the media and its role in harnessing the blue economy. This is a noticeable inclusion, which was missing in the Nairobi event, and the discussion will be led by the chief executive officer of the African Media Initiative, Eric Chinje.

“I am very excited about this conference because, at long last, the industry seems to have realised the missing link in its efforts to position the maritime sector as a key driver of economic growth,” Chinje told AMI staff when he received the invitation. “That missing link,” he added, “is the media, and I shall demonstrate that crucial detail at the Port Sudan conference.”