Getting a fix on the right data


Nairobi, October 2016 – A Kenyan research company that partners with AMI in capacity building in the media, is conducting a survey on data availability and what stakeholders need to get their jobs done in order for the continent to achieve its ambitious goals.

The Local Development Research Institute (LDRI) says: “It is necessary for all stakeholders to have access to the data they need . . . Therefore, LDRI and its partners are conducting a survey of the kinds of data that are available versus the data stakeholders need in order to better inform data dissemination efforts in support of the Malabo Declaration.
The survey has been initiated in the context of Africa’s pursuit of “an ambitious agricultural transformation agenda guided by the Malabo Declaration”. A statement from LDRI refers to resilience as one of the focus areas for successful implementation of the Malabo commitments under the CAADP program.
The questionnaire at the link below is part of the survey. The resulting report shall be used to support efforts of both governments and non-state institutions across Africa to make data for agricultural transformation and resilience available to all.

Participants will receive an advance copy of the report as well as advance invitations to the launch in early 2017.

For more information contact Wangui Muriu

About LDRI

LDRI is a pan-African focused think tank working to building the capacity of both state and non-state actors in addressing the challenges that could prevent us from ending hunger, extreme poverty and inequality in Africa.

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