Call for Application: Coverage of Migration to Europe


The African Media Initiative (AMI) and the Journalism in a Global Context Project (JIGC) will host an international conference on media coverage of migration in Nairobi (Kenya) on 28th and 29th of November 2016.

The conference will launch the results of a comparative analysis of media coverage of migration issues in 12 African and European countries.

Furthermore, the conference seeks to promote professional exchange between African journalists on the quality of and challenges to media coverage of migration to Europe.

Experienced African journalists will be invited as speakers.

Furthermore, conference participation support is available for up to ten African journalists.

Thus, journalists in all African countries are encouraged now to complete reports on all aspects regarding migration from Africa to Europe (to be published in print/online/broadcasting) and submit their pieces to the selection committee before October 31, 2016.

A jury chaired by AMI Chief Executive Officer. (CEO) Eric Chinje will review all submissions until November 14, 2016.

The conference is sponsored by the German Federal Foreign Office and supported by the African Media Initiative. It will launch an African-German initiative for journalism education.

The platform “Journalism in a Global Context“ enables cross-country projects between African and European journalists and journalism students, with the long-term goal to foster better understanding and enhance the quality of foreign reporting in Africa and Europe.

The “Journalism in a Global Context“ project has been initiated by Africa Positive e.V. ( and the Erich Brost Institute for International Journalism ( at TU Dortmund University, Germany.

The preconditions for the attendance is to send a signed a declaration (second page) together with the report.




Title of the report:

All copyrights, rights of use and other rights of the report be transferred in full to the African Media Initiative (AMI) and the Journalism in a Global Context Project (JIGC). The author, gives his/her consent to the exclusive use of content, place and time unlimited of any rights (incl. repetitions).

The author confirms that there are no rights from third parties on its journalistic reports. If nevertheless third parties claim that the author does not have the sole rights to the work, the author has to be accountable for any resulting claims.


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