Angele MINYEM Senior International Consultant Strategy, Organization, Communication, Government Relations, Go Between. Cameroonian nationality

Founder and CEO of the following companies : L’Image de l’Afrique in Paris, Afrik- Appeal in Yaoundé and in the neat future, Influence First also based in Yaoundé.

After almost thirty years of an active professional life, Angèle MINYEM has become an eclectic and versatile manager. Her rare expertise, is exemplified in her extensive knowledge of public and private business environments, both in Western Europe and in francophone Africa.

She obtained her Higher School Diploma in Economics at St Charles Government High School in Angers and went on to study Economics and Social Administration always in France at Grenoble II University – St Martin d’Heres- then in Paris II – Assas University. Angèle MINYEM embraced in the early 1990s, a career outside her academic profile, within the Adefi International group, led by Jean-Pierre Fleury, specialized in Communication Advisory, Events, Political marketing, Public Relations and Press.

Ten years later, in April 2001, she decided to stand on her own two feet and founded L’Image de l’Afrique in Paris, a company bringing advise on Strategy, Communication, Capacity building through individual and group coaching modules, active participation in PPPs (Public Private Partnerships), planning, conduct and

evaluation of organizational change processes¼

Her professional training in the companies she has worked in, and the dynamic environment in which she operates in Europe and in Francophone Africa specifically have equipped her with state-of-the-art management tools to carry out transformation processes in business and in the society.

She has references from, but not limited to the following entities:

AFRICAGORA, AFRICA SA, BCEAO CBSOA, CDE, ECCAS (ECOFAC V – Flegt Component) CUY, DGI Cam, ESSEC Alumni, CAMEROON ROAD FUND, KOSSOUKA HOLDING, HOPE FINANCE, LIDAF, NCCB, UNDP (Rural Hub) MUTATIONS, SNEC-CAMWATER, SABC, SERSYS, several presidencies, governments, ministries, embassies of sub-Saharan countries.