AMI Board approves package of advisory services for public institutions


AMI Board approves package of advisory services for public institutions

Nairobi, August 2016 – The Board of the African Media Initiative (AMI) has discussed and approved a series of important measures aimed at strengthening the organization’s efforts to improve the role of media in African development. At its meeting yesterday, the Board authorized an important strategic expansion that would allow AMI to provide a package of communications advisory services to public institutions in Africa.

The organization was established nearly a decade ago to coordinate initiatives to support the development of independent media on the continent as a means of enhancing their role in Africa’s economic, social and political development. The decision to extend AMI’s services to government and public institutions is based on a recognition of the central role they play in overall public communication and media performance.

AMI’s services will support efforts to improve communication with citizens and grant greater access by media professionals to public data.

In a discussion with staff following the Board meeting, the Chief Executive Office, Eric Chinje, underscored the fact that “media, both independent and public, have to work closely with government and public institutions if citizens in Africa are to be well served and given the information they need to understand the external environment, appreciate development policies, and hold their public officials to account”.

An important target for the services will be the government and those institutions that have no viable public information systems in place. The package will include:

  • Organizing government external and internal communication;
  • Strengthening capacity for citizen engagement, and public information delivery;
  • Establishing an online infrastructure for news monitoring and feedback;
  • Managing social media; and
  • Training staff on media engagement.