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The African News Innovation Challenge (ANIC) focused on journalism and the news media, and was incubated at African Media Initiative between 2012-2014, as a grant initiative designed to support African media and other media in experimenting with new digital and data strategies. ANIC has funded 20 grantees, through a programme that provided cash grants, technology support (through CfAfrica), and business development mentoring / support.

ANIC funded news experiments and digital media startups, taking on the costs associated with developing, testing and scaling new digital news ventures or products. Winners received cash grants of between $12,000 and $100,000, plus additional business development support, technical mentorship, and marketing support. Winners were also be offered opportunities to pilot their projects in AMI member newsrooms and showcase the results at international conferences or to venture capital funds.

The innovations covered the following four broad categories:

  • news gathering;
  • story telling;
  • audience engagement;
  • or the business of news.