Standing as one, African editors state their case


For the African Editors Forum, the World Press Freedom Day was an opportune time to renew its professional commitments and to remind governments of the critical place of the media in the continent’s scheme of things.

Editors’ declaration:

  • Africa needs strong, free and independent media to act as a watchdog over public institutions.
  • Press freedom is a basic human right as well as an indispensable constituent of democracy in every African country.
  • Citizens in all African states will not be free until all media on the continent is free.
  • Nations of Africa needs a free media so that can provide them with information that would enable them to take informed decision about their lives.
  • Governments across the continent, which have pledged to uphold freedom of the media, must walk the talk and stop harassing and detaining journalists and editors for doing their work.
  • Governments must immediately remove from their statute books, all laws that are inimical to media freedom.
  • African Union must name and shame governments that violate freedom of the media and of expression.

In addition, TAEF renewed its commitment to:

  • Uphold the highest standards of excellence in journalism.
  • Always be guided in their work by public interest.
  • Maintain credibility of the press and the trust of readers/audiences.
  • Always strive for the truth and avoiding unnecessary harm.
  • Reflect a multiplicity of voice in our coverage of events.
  • Show special concern for children and other vulnerable groups.

— By Jovial Rantao, Editor, African Independent